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  • Everyone Forgets – Icarus Also Flew

    If you know your Greek mythology, you know the cautionary tale of Icarus. He was trapped on the island of Crete with his father, Daedalus. Daedalus had built the Labyrinth for King Minos, to keep the Minotaur penned up. King Minos decreed that Daedalus should be imprisoned forever, so he could never reveal the secrets […]

  • Don’t Be Small

    A couple years ago, I started watching all the back seasons of The Voice. I’m a singer, and it’s always been a big dream to be recognized far and wide for my music. On season two, there was an opera singer named Chris Mann.   Chris said something that hit me right between the eyes […]

  • How to Cope When You Can’t Cope

    When depression is weighing you down, it feels like you can’t do a damn thing. Cooking, cleaning, bathing, eating, working, adulting, nothing. But you know you have to. Deep down inside, you know. But how do you cope when you can’t cope? You’re tempted to force your way through. You know it won’t do much […]

  • The Virtues of Boredom

    Baseball – America’s favorite passtime. Which I have never freaking understood. You spend three hours watching grass grow, and every once in a while in the 162 games in a season, something happens.  Someone might hit the ball. Someone might catch the ball. Someone might call a timeout for no discernible reason. Most of the […]

  • Last Call Email

    This was the second email in the funnel for My Awesome Facebook Group. Hey Becky, “I walk a lonely road, the only one that I have ever known. Don’t know where it goes, but it’s only me, and I walk alone.”  Green Day could have easily been singing about the journey of entrepreneurship. I don’t […]

  • How Big Is Your Brave?

    Everybody has a brave inside them. It might be teeny tiny. It might be hiding behind your pancreas. It could be taking up the whole of your spleen, or half your femur. But here’s the thing: no matter how big your brave is, it’s sufficient for whatever you need it to be. From trying a […]

  • Email funnel – question edition

    I was hired to write two marketing emails, one for each of two membership-only Facebook groups. The client told me, “I read the first email and it was amazing. Almost too good — I’m afraid no one will believe I wrote it! ” This is that first email. Hey there Becky, Remember when we were […]

  • Improving self-esteem by controlling the voices in your head

    I’m freakin’ awesome. (And I bet you are, too!) But there are still times when my self-esteem isn’t all I’d like it to be. Times when fear and doubt and anxiety and confusion and panic and brain fog all conspire to make me feel less than. Less than great. Less than good. Less than freakin’ awesome. […]

  • Even Bad Meditation is Good for You

    Even Bad Meditation is Good for You

    If you care at all about self-care, you’ve probably been run over by the meditation bandwagon. Meditating will make you happy. Meditating will keep you calm. Meditating will put you in tune with your core self. Meditating will help you achieve inner peace. Or world peace. Or Reese’s Pieces. Or something like that. (Reese’s Pieces…. […]

  • A Flash of Unexpected Self-Esteem

    A Flash of Unexpected Self-Esteem

    If you’ve known me for any amount of time, you know that I’ve always struggled with the unholy trinity of poor self-esteem, anxiety, and perfectionism. It’s a perfect storm of negative self-talk and self-denigration. It’s been so bad at times that I’ve found myself saying things to myself that I wouldn’t say out loud to […]