Everyone Forgets – Icarus Also Flew

Icarus reimagined: shirtless man, heavily muscled, with wings outstretched from his back

Don’t Be Small

A prairie dog with a very small microphone, wearing a dark turquoise fedora

How Big is Your Brave?

Young woman in a challenging yoga pose with her hands on the ground and legs off the ground, straight out to each side. Quotation under her says Maybe there's a way out of the cate where you live. Maybe one of these days you can let the light in. Show me how big your brave is. Brave, Sara Bereilles

The Virtues of Boredom

Young girl wearing glasses and a pom-pom headband, laying across an open book, glaring at the camera

How to Cope When You Can’t Cope

A woman of color crying, looking at the camera with an expression of hopelessness because she can't cope with whatever's going on

Improving self-esteem by controlling the voices in your head

Enormous whale lurking under a tiny kayak

Image credit: CSG Kayak Ltd

Even bad meditation is good for you

hundreds of monks in rows in front of a Buddhist temple

A flash of unexpected self-esteem

An angry man pointing his finger and yelling

I’m Great!