Email funnel – question edition

I was hired to write two marketing emails, one for each of two membership-only Facebook groups. The client told me, “I read the first email and it was amazing. Almost too good — I’m afraid no one will believe I wrote it! ” This is that first email.

Hey there Becky,

Remember when we were kids, that first day of summer after school was out and the pool opened? Some of us showed up first thing in the morning, while others came later in the day after a busy morning of sleeping in. But whenever we showed up, there were two distinct groups of us at the pool.

Some were jumpers. It didn’t matter what the temperature of the pool was, how strong the chlorine was, or what might be floating on the surface. These kids just jumped right in. 

The rest were testers. These kids carefully inspected the surface of the pool for any floating debris or june beetles. They’d walk up to the water’s edge, then put the smallest tip of a toe in the water before jerking their foot back like Jaws was after them. 

Then they’d test the temperature again, this time with an entire toe, and again with a whole foot. Eventually, they would decide the water was safe, there were no june beetles, there were no great white sharks, and the temperature was acceptable. Then they’d slide into the water, taking the time to get used to the temperature before going all the way under.

That’s who this email is for: the testers. The people who have all the questions, and want all the information, before they jump into something new. It’s okay to be a tester. Just like it’s okay to be a jumper. But I want to make sure to show you that there are no june beetles or sharks hiding in My Awesome Facebook Group (name changed to protect privacy). 

I’m already overwhelmed by the four dozen other Facebook groups I belong to, the 837 emails in my inbox, and the dog dropping a slobbery tennis ball in my lap wanting to play every six minutes. Why would I want to add something else to my already over-full plate? 

My Awesome Facebook Group isn’t just another item on your checklist. It’s a vital part of your successful business plan. Membership in this community isn’t just about learning, though that’s an important part of running any business. (And we’ve got a library of courses for all aspects of your business to help you along the way.) 

The most important part is the community—not as a list of people you don’t know, who don’t care about you, and who might occasionally like or comment if you post. This is an active, engaged, involved group of women who know each other, care about each other, and are invested in helping each other achieve success. They know that a rising tide lifts all boats, and they’re excited to get to know your boat and its cargo. 

How do I know if this is really right for me? 

My Awesome Facebook Group is right for you if you are a business owner, you identify as a woman, and you want access to a supportive community that will help you learn and grow as you own your authority and crush your goals. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in business for 5 minutes, 5 months, or 5 years, you can still benefit from My Awesome Facebook Group. (It also helps if you have a favorite Golden Girl, but that’s totally optional on your end!) 

You’ve pitched this as a small, select group. What happens when everybody wants to jump on board, and membership balloons to over 1,000? 

Not going to happen, since I’ve intentionally capped My Awesome Facebook Group membership at 200. It’s nearly impossible to get to know 1,000 other people. It’s also more nerve-wracking to air your fears and concerns in front of so many. 

A smaller group also allows me to give everybody one-on-one attention, and makes it easier for members to form bonds and friendships with each other. This isn’t about me selling 1,000 seats in a membership program. It’s about the right people joining our group and everyone feeling seen, heard, and understood.

The initial price sounds almost too good to be true. How high are you going to increase my monthly fee once I’m in? 

Also not going to happen. The price you join at is the price you stay at, for as long as you remain a member. You already know, like, and trust me, otherwise you wouldn’t be thinking about joining, and I would never do anything to damage that trust. Raising the rates after you joined would be disingenuous. 

What happens if I join and I hate it? 

While I think you’re going to love us, I also understand that every group is not the right fit for every person. If you join and feel like it’s not the right place for you, you can cancel at any time. It’s a month-to-month membership, perfect for commitment-phobes!

But let’s talk. If you feel like quitting, or you want something that My Awesome Facebook Group doesn’t offer, let me know. Once you’re inside, you’ll see that YOU are the focus. Ask and you might just receive. 

There is so much you can accomplish in one month as a My Awesome Facebook Group member. You can get the support and feedback you need in our private Facebook group. You can power through your to-do list with our virtual weekly virtual co-working sessions. Ask any burning questions you have in the weekly “Ask Me Anything” meeting, and get an outside perspective on your business and how to have a life while you’re running it. Jump in the hot seat for a mastermind round on your biggest business challenge, and put the power of many brilliant minds to work for you.

Why not give it a try? Remember, you can cancel at any time if you’re not getting what you want out of the group. The amazing women of My Awesome Facebook Group are waiting for you right now.

Your biggest fan,

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