This writing portfolio showcases pieces I’ve written on a variety of topics from mental health to email marketing, and from mission statements to moms making money

How to Make an Awe-Inspiring Positive Impact (Even if You Live With Mental Illness)
40+ ways you can make a dent in the Universe, no matter what your mental health status

A blog post written to earn my place in an advanced writing course

14 Sanity-Saving Resources to Knock Out a Panic Attack

A multitude of ways to short-circuit a panic attack whenever one strikes.

A blog post written to earn my place in an advanced writing course

7 Reasons Every Shrink Needs A Copywriter

An article based on a 10-day challenge from SmartBlogger on writing a kickass blog post

This was written for a content writing course for use in my portfolio

10 Ways to Build an Email List Without a Website

Course notes for a major email marketing tool’s University, teaching users a variety of ways to use their service

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Educator Mission Statement

Helping educators understand the value of having a mission statement, plus a formula for creating their own

Email: The Question Edition

An email from a funnel selling VIP membership in a Facebook community

The name of the group has been changed for anonymity

Frugal Living: The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom in 2022

The post I wrote to earn my Smart Blogger Content Marketing Certification

Data Makes Money

A landing page for a (no longer active) program to help SAHMs become WAHMs

15 Insider Secrets to Slaughter Stress for Good

A blog post written to earn my place in an advanced content writing course

About page for a genealogist

The about section on LinkedIn for a genealogist looking to take her hobby to a new, professional level


The Impact of Moving on Mental Health

A blog post for a moving company explaining how those with mental health issues cope with moving house.

I interviewed myself for this article


Improving self-esteem by controlling the voices in your head

A blog post about the jerk that lives in the back of your head, telling you you’re stupid, worthless, or just not enough

My most popular blog post ever



How to Find a Career Coach – Plus 11 Coaches You Should Check Out on LinkedIn

An article written for a career coach, to help others vet a potential career coach